Our Team

All of the REALTORS® in our office are dedicated to living and working in the Cowichan Valley. We're long-time residents with deep roots in the community and many years of combined experience in real estate. We share common values like family and community building. We enjoy being part of the local heritage and showing people the joy of living in this area. We hope that you'll take a moment to call or email and see how we might help you realize your dreams of living in the Cowichan Valley.

Sandy Stinson

I grew up in Ontario, starting in the far southern tip with my family and ending up in northern Ontario on the historic French River. Perhaps it was destiny that early on in my life, I made it to the West Coast and landed in my husbands lap on the historic Cowichan River for the past 40 years.  

My husband, Buck Stinson, was working ‘in the woods’ and it was not long before I found a job at the Youbou Mill, 650 guys and 3 girls! We worked at everything- from the Green Chain, Resaw Breakdown, the Hog to the Sidewinder Boat on the booms! Eleven years later, I switched up my life to have a family.  

We had our Meg and a few years later along came John and Sam (our girl and boy twins) and then shortly after our wee Brittany decided we should be her parents as well.  We were blessed. This kept us busy for a few years and then a friend got me started in Property Management. This worked out for our family as I could often take the kids with me and once they started school, I could work around their hours.  

I got licensed in 1993 but stuck to property management until 1998 as the real estate market was poor in our little world and I needed to keep food on the table.  

Since then, my life has revolved around Real Estate. It is a very demanding, (but fulfilling!), jobfilled with high emotion, as it deals with peoples most important investment. We Canadians take our homes very seriouslyI was fortunate to have done Property Management first, as it introduced me to many folks who would later want to sell, and I got to know the little secrets of some of these houses and the basic lay of the land. Knowledge is power, the power of realizing we are in a valley with many creeks and rivers and, of course, Cowichan Lake. Knowing there are some spots that have the potential to flood, or perhaps that some waterfront is better than others, or the sun just does not spend much time there, etc. 

Our children are now out on their own and doing well. We are very proud of each of them and their life choices. They are good people. Like many, we are looking towards retirement. Buck would like to retire sooner than later, while I feel I am just hitting my stride! I am now the Broker at the busiest Real Estate Agency in the area.  

I am proud of being an “Eco-Broker” and am continually learning more about what it really means to live lightly on the land. My dream is to be a part of creating a little community of like-minded self-sufficient people, perhaps some sort of strata. Private ownership but some really fun things made possible by pooled resources. 

The Cowichan Lake area is the perfect place to live. It has been good to me and my family. All the seasons have their own charm, but the weather never gets too extreme in any of them. Abundant greenery, a varied landscape and some of the friendliest people in Canada make this a choice location.   

I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to a very special place that I call home, the Cowichan Valley. 


Pat Duringer

Pat Duringer was born in Eriksdale, Manitoba, but has called the Cowichan Valley home for 60 years. A former bookkeeper, for the last 18 years Pat has been with Lake Cowichan, and in the real estate industry for 20 years - so all but 2 years have been involved with RE/MAX Lake Cowichan. 9 years ago she became a licenced REALTOR®.

Pat enjoys spending time with her blended family of 5 children, 8 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. She is an avid gardener, and likes to cross-stitch and frame pictures when her schedule allows it.

Brad Bergen

Brad came for a visit to the Cowichan Valley in 2004 and fell in love! Now, he has a little house on the river and spends his days helping others find their dream home. Prior to being a Realtor, Brad worked in Government for 27 years in the Ottawa area. Brad is valued as a Realtor for his staging abilities and attention to detail. He can make any house look like a magazine spread!

Ally Earle

Raised in the Cowichan area, Ally Earle would like to welcome you with open arms and guide you through our valley. With her bubbly personality, fresh knowledge of the real estate field and dedication to professionalism, Ally strives to make your real estate experience a rewarding process you will enjoy!

Office Manager
Nola Nahirnick

It is safe to say that Nola has a real love for Vancouver Island.  Born and raised in the Cowichan Valley, Nola brings a wealth of local knowledge to the Re/max family. 

She loves to work with people, and very much enjoys helping others with the process of buying and selling homes.

At REMAX we want to make your property transactions as smooth and as pleasant as possible. If there is anything at all that Nola can do along that line, she will be happy to do it.

Brittany Stinson

Brittany was born and raised in the Cowichan Valley and has lots of knowledge of the surrounding areas. She is more than happy to assist with any information about buying and selling in the area and can direct you to any of our five wonderful realtors in the office. Come on by and let us make buying and selling your home a great experience.